(Fixed )"The Admin of this channel Have restricted Saving Content" on Telegram X Here is Why

When you access some channels on Telegram X and Telegram, you may see an error message. You got these quits recently, right?
When visiting certain channels, you will get this message.

*The Admin of this channel Has restricted Saving Content  Please update your app to open This chat, if you don't know how to update your app, go to HTTPS://telegram.org/dl *

Here's why you can't access those Telegram x channels and what you can do!!


Recently, Telegram released an upgrade in which channel owners can now prevent users from sharing their content with others.

With such, we members will be unable to forward files or even copy and send links to others. Screenshots and screen recordings are not allowed.

Those who use Telegram x will be unable to see those protected channels because the new upgrade is only available for normal Telegram and Telegram desktop or browser versions.

Form Telegram Official Post about Protection feature :

 Content in Groups and Channels -- Telegram group and channel owners may enable restrictions for all members which restricts message forwarding, the capturing of screenshots, and limits the ability to save media posted to the group or channel.  Administrators may enable the feature under Settings > Group Type / Channel Type > Restrict Saving Content Users who attempt these operations receive the following error messages:

Can't take screenshots due to the security policy.

Copying and forwarding are not allowed in this group.


For normal Telegram Users 

  • It is rather simple to solve. Simply You can resolve this issue by upgrading Your app.
  • Even if you get it after updating it to the latest version then 
  • Uninstall the Telegram App completely.
  • Then restart your device. Go to the Play Store and install the latest versions
  • This issue will now be resolved for all normal Telegram users
For Telegram X users 

Here is what we can do! 

1. Uninstall Telegram X and Use Telegram Normal Version

Telegram Normal version improved a Lot in a few months with  recently received updates  You might Actually like to use it 

2. Use Both Telegram and Telegram X 

  • Both Telegram and telegram x Can be installed at the same time right ?? 
  • You can use telegram x Like before and Use Telegram Normal version  along with it to access that protection enabled Channel and groups 

3. we wait for the update

Yes, we may see a Telegram X version including features like Other Telegram Variants in the near future. Till that use Telegram 

GOOD news Folks !!  Update Available Go to Playstore And Update Your Telegram X to Fix the Issue !!

Conclusion : 

Thank you for reading all the way to the end. I hope you like this post and will share it with your friends and family members:)
Keep an eye out for feature updates

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