Median UI 1.6 Blogger Template | Free Download Median UI 1.6 redesign Blogger Template

 Hello there! Are you looking for a Median UI redesign Blogger Template? Your search has been brought to an end! Finally, I'll share with you  the Median UI 1.6 Blogger Template 

It is the best redesign version of the median UI because we use high-quality SVG icons in this theme to give an attractive look to your website or blog.

 You can change the color of the SVG icon fill. This blogger theme with a median UI redesign makes excellent use of the background. It also has a popup recent comments widget that allows you to view the most recent comments on your blog or website.

 As a result, it is also responsive to all types of devices. Because I have AdSense in this template, it is also an AdSense-friendly blogger template.

If you use this redesigned blogger theme on your website, it will almost certainly be approved by Google AdSense. This template has the best AdSense ad placements of any Website.


  • Completely Responsive Design
  • Google Validator for Testing Tools 
  • Google Rich Results
  • Cool Background 
  • Custom 404 Page
  •  Fast Loading 
  • Adsense Compatible Loading
  • Whatsapp Pinned Post 
  • Special Ad Spots
  • Popup Widget for Recent Comments with SVG Icons
  • SEO Optimized Blogger, 
  • Disqus, or Facebook Comments 

  • Social Sharing Browser Compatibility
  • Copyrights Removed Awesome About Section
  • Menu Post Shortcodes Profile
  • Template Updates for Lifetime


NameMedian UI 1.6 Blogger Template

Theme Size377 Kb (.zip file)
Median UI 1.6 Blogger Template 377 Kb


If you like this template, you can purchase it from the creator. We have discussed a few of the Fletro Pro V6.1 Blogger template features in this post. I hope you found this post to be useful. If this is your first time visiting our website, feel free to browse around and read the latest posts. We appreciate you visiting our website.

We strongly recommend that you purchase the template legally, and it is a product for those who have difficulty purchasing. Also, these templates are not our exclusive property and we do not have the right to do so. If the owner of this template would like to have this post removed, they can contact us through our contact page.

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